2022/12/15 14h – Evaluación biomecánica de la mordida en el desarrollo craneofacial infantil – Ángel Samprietro y Javier Ortún

 Dr. Ángel Samprietro y Dr Javier Ortún Fecha: 15-12-2022 Hora: 14 h Lugar: Aula A.06 del edificio Ada Byron     Abstract The world is becoming unprecedentedly connected thanks to emerging media and cloud-based technologies. The holy grail of metaverse requires recreating a remotely shared world as a digital twin of the physical planet. In … Leer más

2022/12/12 12h – The impact of hypoxia and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in anti-tumor immunity: mechanisms of action and therapeutic opportunities – Dr. Asis Palazon

 Dr. Asis Palazon Fecha: 12-12-2022 Hora: 12 h Lugar: Aula A.06 del edificio Ada Byron   Dr. Asis Palazon leads the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy lab at CIC bioGUNE since 2019. Research in the lab is focused on the study of the features of the tumor microenvironment (TME) that influence immune responses. In solid tumors, … Leer más

2022/10/19 13h – Modeling Brain Circuitry from Images


Prof. Pascal Fua EPFL in Switzerland _»Modeling Brain Circuitry from Images»_ Abstract: Electron microscopes (EM) can now provide the nanometer resolution that is needed to image synapses, and therefore connections, while Light Microscopes (LM) see at the micrometer resolution required to model the 3D structure of the dendritic network. Since both the arborescence and the … Leer más